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Destination wedding makeup needs are very different and this part in your preparation process needs special attention. There are some Basic Rules you should consider about make up for your perfect day:


Professional-Make-up-MakeupGenerally you should put more makeup to looks great on the photos. The usually advises from Makeup experts are to put little more makeup than you think you need since the camera will blow you out.  But the main challenge is to define how much is that “little more“ especially when the makeup is for destination wedding purpose. For hot and tropical climates less is definitely more, even more so when it comes to eyes or lips. Lots of makeup can be great for cathedral wedding, winter wedding but for the beach wedding it just can’t look good. Destination wedding is also about views, surroundings and landscapes and if you are going to say I do on Barbados or Cancun beach you should have a natural look with makeup that looks light. Light makeup will allow your skin to breath and you will avoid sweating and melting of your makeup. So put a little more makeup, but for destination wedding little more is real little.



bigstock-Couple-At-Beautiful-Beach-Wedd-43941814Reveal when and the time of day the wedding will take place to slightly adopt makeup to the natural light. If you are going to have    wedding under the moonlight you can put red lipstick or put more makeup on the eyes. These can be sensitive if your wedding is going to be in the middle of the day when the sunlight is high.

The makeup should be in harmony with your wedding gown style and fabrics. If you are going to wear causal wedding gown you can put more make up. If your wedding gown is already shine, with a crystals and other details, you makeup should stay simple.

Make up should be in harmony with jewels you are going to wear and your hairstyle.

Tropical, warmer, humid weather needs special attention to avoiding oil, sweat and too shiny skin. You should invest in oil free and oil control makeup- primer, moisturizer, foundation and etc. There are a lot of cosmetics and makeup products that successfully absorb oil.

Waterproof makeup is must since you want be sure that your makeup will stay on your face. Good waterproof mascara is hard to find and that’s why fake lashes is another must. There are plenty of solutions for fake lashes depending on what kind of look you are going for.

Little make up bag for staying perfect all day with your lip color and oil control powder is the last must.