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London -New York surface to Los Angeles -Brisbane surface to Perth -Singapore surface to Bangkok -London 

New York, New York…Many would say Big Apple is center of the world. Modern jungle where you can find all you are looking for, from the best possible night life, shopping, world class restaurants, skyscrapers, iconic landmarks, museum, galleries, theaters, the opportunities are endless.


Rockefeller center

Los Angeles is known as city of angels, its home of Hollywood and place on the earth where the dreams do come true.  Metropolis that stretching from the palm fringed beaches of the Pacific Ocean to the Californian desert is all year around sunshine destination.



Brisbane is Queensland’s capital city. Queensland exceeds any expectation with extraordinary experiences that you can find only here. Great Barrier Reef, the world largest coral system in the world that can be seen from outer space is here in Queensland’s.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef

Western Australia is home of the largest collection of wildflowers on the planet, some of the whitest beaches and one of only a few places world-wide where you can swim with a dolphins.  Perth is vibrant city that offers a truly unique Western Australian experience.  Western Australia’s coastline is stunning and here you can find also Perth’s 19 sensational white sand beaches.

Singapore -Asia modern city of famous skyscrapers, glittering shopping malls and splendid hotels where you can enjoy in ultimate luxury accommodation while you don’t need to look far to find traditional Singapore.  Here you can find Marina Bay, 24/7 destination for shopping and entertainment.

Thailand –the Land Of Smile, with its friendly people, fascinating culture and outstanding beaches, amazing food, forest, mountains, temples, markets have endless opportunities to enjoy for everyone. Bangkok is capital city of Thailand, metropolis with temples, palaces and heritage buildings, amazing cultural shows, tiger temple, crocodile farm, markets and much more.

Elephant transportation

Elephant transportation

  • Air ticket with all taxes
  • Accommodation is not included
  • Surface sector mean that you can arrange over land or over water trip from two destination and see much more of the world.

If you are interested for full package with accommodation, please contact us.


RTW ticket offers unlimited possibilities and gives you a freedom and chance to really live a dream. Whatever you want to see or do, can be included in the itinerary and easily customized to satisfy your needs.

Breathtaking view of New York city lights from the 86th floor observation deck of the Empire State Building
Rockefeller center view of Big Apple during the day
Enjoy in world famous Central park and have at least one New York shopping day
Visit New York famous nightclubs and bars
Visit  Hollywood, Beverly hills’ and experience magic of Disneyland in LA
Spend a day at Santa Monica beach, LA’s oldest and largest beach
Catch a breathtaking West Australian sunset – the sun sinking into the waters of the Indian Ocean is an unforgettable experience.
Swim with a dolphins along the stretch of coastline between Perth and Bunbury
Breakfast with Orangutans at Singapore ZOO
Explore the magical Daintree Rainforest with an Aboriginal guide in Queensland Australia
Great Barrier Reef
Laze in the lush riverside gardens of South Bank in Brisbane Australia

When to go?

All year -round

New York and LA you can visit anytime. The climate along the Queensland coast ranges from hot and humid to comfortable cool temperatures depending on concrete location. Brisbane is year round destination, temperatures are pleasantly cool and rainfall is low during the Australia winter from June to August.  Western Australia is famous for long days of sunshine. With a warm climate Bangkok is a popular destination any time of the year but best time to visit is during the cool period from November to February. The temperature varies from 38°C to 19°C with the annual average at about 29°C.  Singapore is great destination anytime because of warm, tropical climate year-round.

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