When to go & weather

In our Monthly travel calendar you can find information about best time to travel, about destinations high seasons or the most crowded periods and also suggested period to avoid for some of destinations because the rain and hurricane season, monsoons or not preferable time to travel because of too high, too law temperatures or similar reasons.




Canada less crowded months with good weather is September and October. From May to mid October is the best period for surfing and scuba diving in Hawaii. From October to April it’s generally more rain.  Mexico from June to September can be hot and too humid. June to October is hurricane period in Florida. Guatemala in months from May to October can be humid and makes some difficulties but there is not highly avoidable period. Hurricanes in Honduras are most likely in September and October. Belize is affected with wet season between mid May to November.







Bahamas, Anguilla hurricane season lasts from June to October and the rainy season from August to November. In this month’s weather is changeable.

In Barbados from June to November is chance for tropical storm, but the most humid months are from August to October. But any months can be good to visit Barbados.

Cayman island is year around destination but from June to November humidity can be high and tropical showers are possible. Cuba rainy season is from May to October. September to October should be avoid because hurricane and rainy season.

Jamaica and Grenada has driest season between January and May. Hurricane season on Jamaica falls between July and October. Antigua has sunny climate all year around. British Virgin islands have subtropical climate.









Rio De JaneirosouthamericaDuring the Brazilian winter from June-August Rio and other coastal cities enjoy warm temperatures with occasional day of rain.   Peru climate varies from region to region it’s advisable to check precisely climate region where you plan to travel.

Rainy season in Amazon Rainforest and the Pantanal wetlands from January to May is the best period for seeing wildlife.  If you prefer skiing in Chile the best time is from July to September.

The busiest time is from December to March. Colombia should be avoid in April and May because of rainy season. Galapagos islands has summer season from December to May which is characterized with heavy shoulders and humidity. Bolivia rainy season is from November-March.The best time to visit Iguaçu Falls is between August-November. Antarctica tours run from November to March.







europeEuropean countries can be visited all year around, but it’s considered that the late spring, summer and early autumn month is the best for visiting. Each season has its own charm and activity associated with it.North European countries have cold winters with snow and low temperatures which can make difficulties. South of Europe has shorter winters and usually without snow. Austria offers some of the best ski resorts in winter between December and March. Rome, Paris, London is the most visited city all year around. Russia coldest month are December, January and February but in opinion of lot of people country is the most beautiful in winter. In Sweden you can see the shimmering northern lights and it can be viewed during the winter.

For beach holidays in Greece, Turkey, Spain, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, France, season is usually from June to September. For winter sports in France, Austria season is from December till beginning of March.






Namib desert AfricaWhen to travel to Africa really depends on the type of holiday you would like to have, specific wildlife and animals you wish to see or the activity you would like to partake in. The best time to go on Kenya safari is from July to September in time of migration and dramatic spectacles. Namibia is very hot from December to March, but its best time for birders. South Africa game watching is the best from April to October.










bigstock-DUBAI-UAE--NOVEMBER---Du-28235126Dubai from May to October can be very hot. Abu Dhabi, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco in July and August can be very humid and temperatures are extremely high. In this month is hard to go in Sahara towns.

From April to September temperatures in Oman can be extremely high. Jordan has different climates in different areas, the information about weather should be checked. The best time to travel is period of good daytime temperature.







bigstock-Taj-Mahal-Palace-in-India-Ind-41437636The weather in India varies dramatically. Generally, the best time to visit is from October to March, but it’s strongly advisable to check the climate relevant to the region you are traveling. Bhutan monsoon season is from June to early September while December to February can be too cold. The climate of Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles is tropical, which means dry, hot and humid.



Over water Villas Maldives







Terrace-rice-fields-in-morningCambodia wet season is from May to October. April can be very hot. China is year around destination; Hong Kong from June to August can be very humid. Indonesia wet season is from December to March.  Japan cherry blossom starts in mid March and last to May, depending on area.

Borneo monsoon season is from November to February. Philippines colorful festivals take place in January, May and December .March and April is the best month to visit North Luzon.

Singapore the wettest months are November and December. The best months to visit Thailand are from November to April, with exception of some area. North Vietnam should be avoid from May to October and South Vietnam from September to January because of tropical monsoons.