Say YES to destination wedding dress


Choosing the perfect wedding destination gown is different than find the perfect one for home wedding. Probably when you start with finding the wedding dress you already have destination in mind. But, the first you should know and before you choose the dress is where is your wedding venue placed.

If you are going to some of exotic islands for your wedding you can decide to have beach wedding, garden wedding or church wedding. You can find some unique location too. Destination and venue are the most important aspects of following right decision about gown. Probably, you can be amazed in the first moment with some wedding gown, but you have to check how the dress will looks like at the location and more important how you will feel in it. Your perfect wedding gown from the beginning can lose a shine when you arrive to the destination.

Bride-at-the-clothes-shopWedding gown must be perfect for destination


Your wedding gown should be in accordance with weather condition of location. If this is not a case you will not feel absolutely comfortable at least. For the beach wedding, you should not choose the ball wedding gown or long-trained gown. These styles of wedding gowns usually look elegant, deluxe or royal but the same effect can be achieved with some other style.

You don’t need to choose the simplest dress or casual style. There is stunning wedding destination dresses, that’s very similar to cathedral wedding gown for example by shape but the main difference is materials and small details that make in the end big difference while the effect is same.

In the wrong dress, you will not feel comfortable, you can spend a time and attention to stay clean if you ceremony is on sand, you can have cosmetics problem if the outside is too hot, start sweating  and have additional problem with face make up as consequence of the wrong dress.

When you are looking for the gown  for destination wedding you should pay high attention on fabrics.  The best choice is all-natural fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. The good option is combination of fabrics where the natural fabrics are on sensitive areas. Fabrics such as silk are very sensitive and it wrinkles easily that may be problem for you.  Synthetic fabrics will repel wrinkles and cause sweating should be definitely avoided for destination wedding. Exception is case of winter and snow theme wedding when the weather conditions allow you to deal with some factors easily.

Different style goes with day and evening wedding.  If your wedding is schedules for the middle of day you should be focus on dresses with simple, elegant details that will fit the sunlight.  For the evening wedding or wedding under the moonlight choose dress with crystals or any other details that will enhance your shimmering beauty under the nightlights.

And the finally if you find the perfect dress for destination wedding, imagine yourself in that wedding dress with all conditions around. Sun is shining and the weather is sweet there…


 How to pack wedding dress for destination wedding


Anything essential for your wedding day should be pack in your carry-on luggage. The most important “essential“ is off course the wedding dress. Find garment bag designed especially for destination wedding ravel.

If you need to pack the dress into suitcase, protect all vulnerable areas additionally, place layers of white paper in between each fold and all around. All embellished areas should be protected and separated with additional white fabrics or paper.

Contact your airlines to check the policy related to transporting of a wedding dress as hand luggage. Don’t even think on vacuum packing option.When you arrive at destination, immediately remove your gown from its bag. There are solutions for refreshing your wedding dress and removing wrinkles but the best possible solution you can choose is to arrange professional dry cleaning service to provide you professional pressing and steaming services. And in the end, let the wedding gown breath and enjoy, that’s the one of the most beautiful days in your life.