Planning process with AYLI Planet

Once you decide about your trip or you have just some idea about it and you contact our team, the planning process can start. In the planning phase you will work closely with one of our travel Adviser to design the perfect trip.  Our travels Advisers are experts and they will offer plenty of advice, suggestions and share the knowledge to make sure that you can make the best possible choice for you and to create the perfect trip that is exactly what you want or above your expectation.

Our goal is always the same, to amaze our clients and in purpose of achievement, our Team is highly dedicated, oriented to communication to help you decide or to get all needed information for planning the best possible itinerary. We ask. We listen.  We hear.  Your Travel Adviser will encourage you to ask and to express all your thoughts and concerns about the trip. If you exactly know what you want, than just stay relaxed and let us surpass your expectation.

 Is it possible to customize the travel offer on your website and do the changes?

All our published offers are suggested itineraries that can be easily customized. Most people decide to do with our Travel Adviser in creation the trip that absolutely meets their schedule, budget, personal interest, special requirements and etc. Your Travel Adviser will ensure that you will get exactly what you want. Also, we can make slightly modification or just modify itinerary to meet your budget.

 What if I want to arrange the flight by myself, or add a flight to the journey?

Just let us know. You can arrange your flight by yourself and we can do the rest to plan your vacation when you arrive on desired destination into the details.  We can arrange the international flights for you and modify itinerary to include the flights. Your Travel Adviser will ensure that your flight is best possible connected and would be best solution for you.

 Why are all meals not included in all journeys?

All meals are not included because almost all of our clients want to discover local cuisine by themselves. Some people have special interest regarding the exploring local cuisine and want to try it by personal choice and in the moment. Your Travel Adviser will advise you about the local cuisine, restaurants and how to stay OK with tasting some special local food.  Communication about special requirement regarding the diet during your trip is part of your planning process with your Travel Adviser, so please feel free to communicate all requirements, interests, special restriction, your current diet program in this phase.

 What are departure dates for the offer on your website?

The dates of departure are not defined in advance. We are specialized in the individual approach and creation of unique trips in accordance with your schedule and time. You can start your dream trip whenever you want. Your Travel Adviser will inform you about the best time to travel to concrete destination, the weather conditions, special events and festivals and anything that can be important.

 How can I get the final price with arranged flights from my departure country?

Because we arrange the trips worldwide and offer personalized service we don’t have final prices on our website.  Please contact us to prepare the offer for you. We can do it in two directions. The first one is if you don’t know what your budget is or wan to check price for some journey than we can help you with information about different level of costs for same destination journey. The second one is if you have approximately budget for trip already in your mind, than we will create the offer in accordance with your plan. In the phase of planning process we can go into the details and modify the price further if you have special interest activity to be arranged for you or any kind of special requests such as private local guide, tickets for events and etc.

 What I need to book my trip and how can I make payment for it?

Travel Adviser will inform you about all booking conditions and payments methods related to your trip. Also, you will be informed about timelines related to booking and payment. Journey is not guaranteed until your reservation has been booked. Until then, the fares may become unavailable, causing a change in price. More about booking you can find on our Terms & Conditions Page.