Around the world

Seeing the world enrich and change lives on immeasurable and on absolutely indescribable way. Ticket for around the world travel is one of life’s biggest gift and ultimate experience. Travel for 30 days or 1 year and seeing the breathtaking landscapes from Angkor Wat and the Great Wall of China to the Great Barrier Reef and witnesses of Great migration in Africa. Dance in Rio Carnival, take Galapagos Islands cruise, try out luck at the gaming tables in Las Vegas, stay in a traditional ryokan and explore stunning beauty of Mt Fuji in Japan, discover the northern Thailand on the back of elephant and Taj Mahal one of the world most beautiful monument build for love and most famous icon of India. Whatever you want to see and you dream to do you can include in this ticket of lifetime. If you have desire and still thinking about round the world… Take it, its privilege.


up to 1 year from 1490 €