BOLIVIA -Salt desert

Do you know where is the largest world`s mirror today? The flats, located in Southern Bolivia near the Tunupa volcano make up the world’s largest salt desert known as world’s largest natural mirror- Salar de Uyuni.  Salar is salt flat in Spanish. This spectacular mirror is created in combination of water and salt.  Experience is magnificent and a lot of people consider this place as ‘heaven on earth’. The Salar contains the highest concentration of lithium also – that is important fact for industry of technology- lithium is used for

Ice Hotel and hunting the northern lights

  If you plan your winter vacation and want something different, the option to check is ICEHOTEL and hunting the northern lights. Sail along Norway’s dramatic coastline and visit the world-famous ICEHOTEL in Swedish Lapland.  There is a new architecture each year and amazing art works from the world artists. Build from ice, snow and snice (combination of water, air and snow), have to be seen to be believed. In each cold room with temperature around -5 C  to -7 C, beds are madden from ice blocks, wooden base and

Volcano Tours Increase of popularity

Increasing number of people visit volcanic sites around the world every year. Tours to active volcanoes in Italy, Greece, Iceland, Hawaii, Indonesia, Vanuatu and Guatemala are more and more popular. Volcanic mountains and volcanic islands are amongst some of the most beautiful places on Earth and for some that’s the main and simple reason for visit. Mt Fuji is Japan is renowned for its beauty. There are several other volcanoes which have an even more beautiful shape such as Kronotsky volcano in Kamchatka and Mayon volcano in Philippines – one