Before you travel

 Destinations Guidelines

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Make a note of your passport number and take a photocopy with you and/or storing it online using a secure data storage site. Also take with you some additional photos; you will need it for providing visas on country entrance or in case you lose your passport.  When traveling overseas, make certain your passport is valid for at least six months.


You should check with the appropriate foreign diplomatic or consular missions about the visa requirements for the countries that you plan to visit or transit through. 

Airlines (tickets, Miles, limitations)

It’s always advised to let the airlines know of special requirements as early as possible. On the airline’s website, find out about carry-on luggage restrictions and baggage allowances. Pre-purchase Additional Baggage Allowance online and save up to 30% on excess baggage rates. Put your name, address, and telephone number on the inside as well as the outside of every piece of luggage. This will help in identifying your luggage if it is lost or stolen.

Join airline mileage programs to earn miles for all the flights you take. In order to be sure you get all of your mileage points, keep a copy of your boarding pass. The mileage program will ask for a copy to credited your miles.

All medication, taken in your carry-on or checked luggage, needs to be correctly labeled and attached to a subscription.


Other documentation

Letter of consent from other parent for a child traveling with youVaccination certificate (for countries where vaccination is obligated or recommended)

Driver’s license

International driver’s license, if required



Travel insurance is must have. Make sure your policy covers your destination and the duration of your stay, as well as any specific activities, for example, skiing, snorkeling, winter sports and etc.


Money & Credit cards

Contact your bank and inform them about your travel dates and the countries you’ll be visiting you make sure your card works while you’re there. It’s recommended to have two credit cards, or one credit and one debit card with you, in case that first one will not be acceptable.  Get some currency of country you plan to visit and also check about ATMs, cards acceptance and recommendations. Keep a copy of the contact numbers of your credit card companies with you.

Photocopied/scanned documents

Make photocopy of your passport, insurance policy, visas, plane tickets, any other transportation tickets, hotel reservation and car reservation with your family or a friend and take a copies with you.

Health  care

Never travel overseas without a good quality Travel Health kit. It’s advisable to check your health and visit a doctor before any longer or overseas trip. Find out about vaccinations which is recommended for some destination or obligated for entry in some countries.


Check information about electricity in the country you are going to travel to and take voltage convertor or outlet adapter

Contact details

Keep a copy of all documents with you, including the addresses of your final destinations and phone numbers.Keep a copy of the contact numbers of your credit card companies with you.



Guides, maps and information about country you plan to visit. This will provide you with all details and essential items to take with you. When you travel, each country has its own customs and quarantine requirements, which should be checked in advance. Print out common phrases for the language of the country you are visiting.


Packing list

Its important to have all necessary items with you, even if you can buy that items on your destination. Carefully check the climate of destination, weather in time of traveling and all important updated information. You should be stick with packing light and not to bring a huge luggage’s and a lot of things which you might need.