CUBA Wedding

Destination overview

Cuba is unique and that’s why its one of the top wedding destinations.  Tropical beauty, friendly island people, the Latin beat and romance at every turn is what you will find when you begin planning a destination wedding in Cuba. Well known for its lively music, such as the mambo and salsa, fine cigars and strong cocktails – particularly mojitos, multicultural society is strongly influenced by Spanish and African cultures. Most of the cars are a real from the 1950s and still dominate the roads in Cuba. There’s something about Cuban music that makes you fall in love every time you hear it.It’s said that the Cubans speak singing, dance while walking and woo with a love song.

Havana Old Chevrolet

Havana Old Chevrolet

Wedding ceremony

Wedding venue: Wedding planning begins with the destination and place for wedding ceremony. You can choose between two main choices – the city or the beach. Havana can be a vibrant and romantic setting for a wedding in Cuba. It’s like stepping back in time, with old fashioned cars, colonial architecture and with numerous beautiful stone churches that can be the perfect venue for a wedding. Those who want to get out of the city and have a Caribbean beach wedding will be spoil for choice. Varadero is the most popular beach resort in Cuba, but Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and Guardalavaca are all good choices as well. Its amazing beach wedding, surrounded with Caribbean Sea, amazing landscapes, pristine white sand beach and with special Cuban energy in the air.

And after you said ‘’I do’’ Give your reception a local touch with glasses of Cuban rum and chunky cigars for the groom and best man.

Resorts: There are plenty of resorts which offer the amazing set up for the weddings. Also the wedding can be free of charge if you stay in some resort for prescribed number of days or have prescribed number of guests.

We tailor made all weddings. We respect uniqueness of all of us and different approaches, expectation and styles. Our wedding package is tailor made with Private wedding coordinator and planned in cooperation with Travel Advisor. We create the perfect wedding and organize all days before your wedding date for you to enjoy fully.

Wedding planning

Wedding date: Chose the perfect wedding date, but take in consideration the weather. It’s important part of planning. The best choices are between two of shoulder months-April or November, when it will be hot and sunny but the chance of rain is reduced. The rainy season runs from May to October and that period for wedding date should be carefully considered because you don’t want to think about weather on your special day.

Dance: Choose one of the many Cuban dances for your first dance and add a little Cuban and Latin spice. There are plenty of styles to choose from, but the most often that is Rumba or Salsa.

Paper work: Preparation of necessary documentation that must be sent by fax or email to us the latest 30 days before the ceremony.



Those interested in getting married in Cuba, as long as they are foreigners will need to prepare:

  • Birth certificate
  • Copy of passports
  • Bachelorhood or spinsterhood certificate (The document expired six months after being issued)
  • Divorce certificate for divorcees
  • For widow or widowers, the late spouse’s death certificate
  • All documents must be translated into Spanish and properly certified by the Cuban consulate in the country where they were issued
  • If they were issued in a country where there isn’t any Cuban consulate, those documents must be certified in a third country -to be chosen by the parties- that harbors a Cuban consular office.
  • Medical certification that determines whether the bride is pregnant as long as her divorce certificate hasn’t been issued 301 days ago.

The bride and the groom must ensure presence of two adult witnesses who must not be relatives to the would-be spouses. If so requested by the spouses, the ceremony could take place in a location other than the International Consulting Office. Arrival in Cuba have to be at least 72 hours before the so ensure early arrival on island and relax on the white sand beach before your wedding day.

 Certificates and fees:

Two certificates will be handed over, one of them duly legalized by the Republic of Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for further legal use overseas. The second one will be granted for further legal use in Cuba’s national territory.

Fees are non applicable for wedding packages at beach destination hotels. For other cases total fees are about 780 € and include filing of marriage petitions, legalization and delivery of marriage certificates, appearance of the civil judge, registration of certificates and Invitation letter to commence immigration procedures.

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